Project: App Launch Screen Prototype
Client: Rashad
Role: UX Designer
I met this client through a local networking group and later connected on LinkedIn. Months later, the client reached out to me to work on a project. The client was in the process of designing a new app and was looking to hire a UX Designer to create a prototype for their app’s launch page.
Rashad and his co-founder were still deep in stealth mode with their new product as well. I spoke with the client to get a better understanding of their app. The client talked about his desire to help new users understand how the app works. Since it was still in the early stage, the client could not provide me with the name of their app. I created a draft in Figma with a generic app name and other sample text.
Below is a message that I sent to the client:
The client liked the design direction and said that he would provide the exact wording for "3" steps. I created the final prototype to help this client in the early stages of their app.
The final prototype is shown below.
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